All the Wave Armor warranties are listed on the website ( To file a warranty follow the directions listed in the Warranty Section on the website.

Personal preference is the best answer. Each stainless steel axle has a drilled dimple on the outside facing end that can be dislodged using a flathead screwdriver. Once the wheel assembly has been removed it can be positioned in a different pocket to avoid any raised contour or chine that may have come in contact with the wheel, which makes it difficult to roll the PWC back. The ideal position of the wheels is to ensure that they are all aligned on the smooth part of the PWC hull avoiding any raised chines as it rolls back off the port.

We recommend using a pair of post attachments, one on each side of the dock, every 20 feet. In rougher waters, post attachments may need to be placed every 15 feet.
With our proprietary H Beam connection system connecting dock sections is a relatively fast and easy assembly. The installation process consists of sliding designated H beams into the docks H channels and securing them with appropriate hardware, which is included.
The Wave Armor products can be cleaned with a pressure washer light setting. You can also use a mild detergent ( CLR Calcium/Lime Remover) or all-purpose cleaner and brush then rinse.