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Floating PWC Lifts

PWC lifts keep PWCs (Personal Water Craft) out of the water for storage and protection.


A PWC lifts florida is a small water craft where the operator sits, or stands, as opposed to being inside the craft, like they would be in a typical boat.  PWCs are small, fast, easily handled, fairly easy to use, and their propulsion systems do not have external propellers, making them safer for users, swimmers and wildlife.  They have become immensely popular for recreational use but are also commonly used in sports, rescue and law enforcement.

Storage and Protection

PWCs, similar to small boats, are valuable, and like any other object made for water use they are subject to marine fouling, damage from waves and winds, and theft.  PWCs left in the water when not being used will suffer from the same problems as any other object left in the water from biofouling to vandalism.  While PWCs are small enough to store in a garage or other storage building their ease and convenience of use suffers tremendously when doing so.  PWC lifts are the problem-solving solution.

Most boat lift manufactures provide options to current lift products that will accommodate PWC lifts florida.  Sometime this can be done by merely modifying the bunks that a boat once sat on to fit a smaller PWC, but small lifts specifically for PWCs are becoming increasingly popular and available.  One of the best lifts made specifically for PWCs is the floating PWC lift.

Floating PWC Lifts

Floating PWC lifts are floating platforms that the PWC lifts florida rests or sits on top of.  Access can be via a ramp or by using a cable and pulley.  Ramps can be designed to allow for drive on ease of access and the use of guides or wheels can allow for easy water access as well.  They usually cost a fraction of what a typical electric hoist style lift would cost.

Floating PWC Lifts Florida by Wave Armor Florida

Wave Armor South Atlantic offers floating PWC lifts made from non-toxic foam filled plastic.  The plastic is a long-lasting thermoplastic that is well suited for marine use.  The lifts can be stand alone and held in place by anchoring piles or posts, or they can be integrated into any type of dock or seawall structure.  The floating PWC lifts come in three basic sizes:

For small lightweight PWCs – 5’ wide by 11’ long holding up to 750 lbs.
For medium duty PWC’s – 5’ wide by 12’8” long holding up to 1,500 lbs.
For full size PWC’s – 6’ wide by 12’8” long holding up to 2,000 lbs.

Wave Armor SLX Personal Watercraft Ports

Wave Armor SLX Personal Watercraft Ports (PWC) are Floating PWC Lifts, or Jet Ski Lifts, that provide “drive-on” usage.  They are virtually the only unsinkable roll-on/roll-off PWC lifts available on the market!  They are made to accommodate any type of PWC or jet ski.

Wave Armor Ports and lifts are designed to integrate with the Wave Armor Floating Dock System.  The can also be installed as a stand-alone system or connect together to other floating dock brands and structures.   SLX personal watercraft ports are available in two widths to meet the specific needs of waterfront home owners and marinas.


  • Rotationally Molded UV Protected Polyethylene
  • Foam-Filled Interior (increases buoyancy and structural integrity)
  • Integrated Side Pontoons (increases flotation and stability)
  • Removable Bow Stop with Tie-Down Ring
  • 12 Adjustable Polyurethane Overlaid Wheels
  • Tan Textured Finish
  • Molded-In Mounting Pockets In All Corners (for various anchoring)
  • Integrates With Wave Dock System
  • Can be utilized as a Stand Alone PWC Port, Connect Together or Attach to Other Floating Docks (utilizing SLX Attachment Kits)

We are exclusive authorized distributor of Wave Armor©

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