40″ Dock Wedge


Wave Armor dock systems are purposefully designed for both residential and commercial freshwater and saltwater applications!

Wave Dock Wedges connect to the molded-in H-Beam Channels of Wave Dock Sections creating a 30-degree angle allowing finger piers/boat slips to fan out, providing easier entry and a narrower footprint.


  • Rotationally Molded, UV Protected Polyethylene
  • 1-Piece Design with Top and Bottom Deck (allows reversible placement from either side of Wave Dock Sections)
  • Flagstone Textured Surfaces (matches Wave Dock Sections)
  • Foam-Filled Interior
  • Molded-In H-Beams (easily connects to Wave Dock Sections)
  • Dimensions: 40″ Long
  • Available Color: Pebble Beach

Includes: 1 Dock Wedge

Warranty Period: 10 Years

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