Wave Port SLX10- (3-Piece System)

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The advantages of the  SLX10 Three Piece Boat Port by Wave Armor are in the details. Our modular design is recommended for boats that are 18 to 26 feet in length. This self-leveling floating boat port fully distributes vessel weight over the full span, providing exceptional lift and buoyancy (up to 7,500 Lbs with no air assistance).  This boat port features adjustable bunks to match any keel design (keeping the vessel square on the port) and heavy duty keel rollers that make boarding and off-boarding simple and smooth. If you’re looking for a no-hassle premium floating boat port, check out the SLX10!


The SLX10 Three Piece Boat Port is 24 Feet long, 10 Feet wide and includes 1 Entrance Deck, 2 Main Decks, 16 Pin Connection Systems, 2 Bunks W/8 Rollers, 8 Heavy Duty Keel Rollers and 2 Keel Rests.



  • Thick and Rugged, Roto-Molded Polyethylene Construction
  • EPS Foam-Filled Cavity
  • Modular Design (for unlimited length)
  • Molded-In, Tan Textured Deck Surface
  • Molded-In, H-Beam Side Connection System
  • Heavy-Duty Keel Rollers (Additional Rollers Available)
  • Pin Connection System
  • Perimeter Attachment Points
  • Adjustable Bunks with Bunk Rollers
  • Centering Entrance Bumpers
  • Keel Rests
  • Port Length: 24 Feet Long
  • Port Width: 10 Feet Wide
  • Weight: 1,552 Lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 7,500 Lbs

Warranty Period: 8 Years


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