Wave Armor Warranty

Wave Armor stands behind all of our quality products and we warrant to any original owner that we will repair or replace at our discretion, any product found to be defective due to a manufacturing defect within the specific product’s warranty period.

Warranty replacement or repairs will be made without charge by Wave Armor or an authorized dealer. Transportation/shipping charges to and from Wave Armor or an authorized dealer are the responsibility of the customer. All other obligations or liabilities, including loss of use, inconvenience, commercial loss and consequential damages are hereby excluded. The manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to any products that have been subjected to an accident, adjustment, improper installation, misapplication, misuse, modification, neglect, repair, including but not limited to improper maintenance, or use of unauthorized parts or attachments. Warranty reimbursement and/or replacement value will be prorated at 10% per year of ownership.

RMA Authorization is required for any return for any reason. RMA number should be clearly a legibly printed on the top or side of the return packaging (i.e. RMA #123456). To procure an authorized RMA claim number click here.