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Welcome To Wave Armor Florida

Wave Armor Florida, Inc. is the exclusive authorized distributor of Wave Armor© products for the entire Florida, from Jacksonville to Key West including inland lakes and rivers. We are owned and operated by one of South Florida’s longest established marine contractors.

Floating Marine Products

Wave Armor Florida sells a full spectrum of floating marine products including docks, boat lifts and PWC (Personal Water Craft) lifts.  We also carry numerous accessories from coolers to kayaks.  Our products can be used in both residential and commercial freshwater or saltwater applications. Each product can be used stand alone or incorporated into existing docks and seawalls.

Modular Polyethylene Construction

Wave Armor products are designed using modular sections that can be assembled into an infinite number of layouts and configurations to make docks and boat lifts, or ports.  Each section is made using a molded polyethylene construction technique made for tough use and weatherproof durability.  Polyethylene is one of the most widely-used thermoplastics in the world, it is non-toxic, lightweight, affordable and easily maintained.

Sales and Service

Our many years of experience allow us to provide exceptional customer service and dealer support.  We not only sell a full array of Wave Armor© products, we also offer expert advice for planning and building the perfect dock, lift or port.  Our products can be installed as a DYI (do-it-yourself) project or we can provide full professional installation services.  We have expert crews for fast and professional installation and we support a large network of dealers to ensure that you will receive the best service in the marine industry.

Broward Piling, Inc.

If a project requires more than simple installation of a dock or lift, our affiliated company, Broward Piling, Inc. (established in 1965), can assist in addressing needs from anchoring to complete dock, piling and seawall construction or repair.  We pride ourselves on knowledgeable service offering free consultations and quotes, site visits, analysis and inspections of pilings, seawalls, docks and lifts. While Wave Armor South Florida offers the best collection of floating docks and lifts on the market, our affiliate, Broward Piling, offers the best options for unlimited and unmatched marine services for every residential and commercial need.

Seawalls – new seawall construction, replacement and repair using vinyl, concrete, wood or rock.
Pilings – dock pilings, dolphin pilings, lift and batter pilings in wood or concrete for any size job in any location.
Docks – new construction and repair of docks in a variety of materials, including wood, concrete composite, plastic and exotic hardwood.
Floating Docks – the best modular floating dock systems available or professionally made custom floating docks to meet any need.
Boat Lifts – affordable and durable floating lifts for boats and jet-skis (PWC – Personal Water Craft) or any type of hydraulic or electric lift on the market
Decks – new construction and repair of any deck imaginable in wood, composite or long lasting plastics.
Accessories – railings, lights, ladders, fenders, cleats, tables and virtually every product imaginable for marine use.
Repairs – repair pilings, seawalls, docks, decks and lifts for any location, layout or size.
Expertise – with more than a 50 year history in marine construction and services our customer frequently tell us that our professionalism and the quality of our craftsmanship is without equal.
Inspections – our expert staff is available to professionally inspect pilings, seawalls, docks and decks to afford you “peace-of-mind”, whether buying a new property or modifying your existing property.
Consultations – expert advice for layout and design, choosing the right product and/or material and proper installation.
Service – our staff and network of dealers offer the highest quality service for every marine construction need.  We are second to none, love what we do and we do it with pride!