Drive On – Drive Off Floating Boat Lifts and Docks

DA Dock



Wave Armor Docks are the ultimate in custom designed, and “built-to-last”, modular dock solutions for both residential and commercial docks.  They float, they last and they look great.  They can be easily moved or modified at any time.

Choose from a variety of Wave Dock shapes and sizes for an infinite number of layout possibilities.  Use the Wave Armor Dock Builder to build the dock of your dreams!

DA Port



Wave Armor Ports are excellent solutions to “park” your boat or PWC safely out of the water.  Modular sections made from Rotationally Molded, UV Protected Polyethylene are made to last and used in standard or custom layouts.

They are designed to integrate with the Wave Armor Floating Dock System.  The can also be installed as a stand alone system or connect together to other floating dock brands and structures.

DA Kayak



Wave Armor Swim Rafts and Kayaks make a wonderful addition to any waterfront.

Our deluxe polyethylene swim raft includes ideal features such as backrests, a pop-up table and a pontoon style bottom for ultimate stability!

Our Kayaks are a “sit-on-top style” kayak for a comfortable, ultra-stable, fun and safe experience.  Our Kayaks are designed to glide effortlessly through the water!

We are exclusive authorized distributor of Wave Armor©

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Making Lake Life Easier with Wave Armor Florida

Wave Armor Florida is owned and operated by South Florida’s longest established marine contractor.  We are the exclusive authorized distributor of Wave Armor© products for the entire East Coast of Florida, from Jacksonville to Key West including inland lake and rivers.

Wave Armor products are a collection of modular sections that can be assembled into an infinite number of layouts and configurations to make docks, boat lifts or ports, and a large collection of marine accessories.  Each section is made using Roto-Molded Polyethylene Construction designed for tough use and weatherproof durability – our products are built to last!  We offer a full range of products for both residential and commercial freshwater or saltwater applications.

We are exclusive authorized distributor of Wave Armor©

Call NOW +1(954)324-2057

We are exclusive authorized distributor of Wave Armor©

Call NOW +1(954)324-2057