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Floating Boat Lifts

Boat lifts in florida keep boats out of the water during non-usage for prevention of marine growth and protection against waves, tides, winds and theft.

Boat lifts Florida; Protection from marine growth

Boat lifts Florida protect a boat from marine growth. Marine growth, or biofouling, is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae and animals on wetted surfaces.  Warm Florida waters provide an excellent environment for marine growth that hinders performance, damages on board raw water systems and greatly diminishes aesthetic value.  Marine growth is extremely harmful, but it will not occur on a boat that is not in the water.

Protection from damage caused by waves, tides and wind; added security

Boat lifts Florida protect a boat from damage caused by waves, tides and winds and provide security. Simply remove a boat from these elements and the problem is inherently solved.  Another benefit is increased security as boats can be securely attached to their lift making theft and accidental damage from unwanted movement much more unlikely.

Most boat lifts are designed to “lift” a boat up from the water using cables and beams powered by electric motors.  While very effective, these types of boat lifts require more time to access a boat than one that allows drive on and off flexibility as if the boat is actually in the water.

Floating Boat Lifts byWave Armor Florida, Inc.

Wave Armor Florida offers floating boat lifts made from long lasting polyethylene.  Polyethylene is a non-toxic thermoplastic that is sometimes referred to as the world’s most useful plastic.  Polyethylene does not react with water, is incredibly strong yet lightweight and it will not break or fracture making it an excellent material for a boat lift.

Wave Armor boat lifts, also referred to as boat ports, are designed to allow a boat to be driven directly on to the top of floating polyethylene platform to keep the boat completely out of the water.  Boat lifts floridaare also designed to self-level and allow for wave and tidal movement.  Boats can be tied or fastened to prevent accidental movement and theft.  When the boat is needed, it can be driven off using its own power.

Wave Armor SLX Boat Ports

Wave Armor SLX Boat Ports are Floating Boat Lifts recommended for boats up to 30 feet, or more, in length. Boat Lifts Florida provide “drive-on” ease of use without lift cables and beams.  The advantages of the SLX Boat Ports or Lifts, are in the details with a modular design and self-leveling ability to properly distribute vessel weight, providing exceptional lift and buoyancy (up to 8,000 Lbs with no air assistance). The modular design allows for infinite expansion for even longer vessels. Wave Armor SLX Boat Ports feature adjustable bunks to match any keel design (keeping the vessel square on the port) and heavy duty keel rollers that make boarding and off-boarding simple and smooth.

If you’re looking for a no-hassle premium floating boat lift or port, check out the SLX Boat Port!


  • Thick and Rugged, Roto-Molded Polyethylene Construction
  • EPS Foam-Filled Cavity
  • Modular Design (for unlimited length)
  • Molded-In, Tan Textured Deck Surface
  • Molded-In, H-Beam Side Connection System
  • Heavy-Duty Keel Rollers (Additional Rollers Available)
  • Pin Connection System
  • Perimeter Attachment Points
  • Adjustable Bunks with Bunk Rollers
  • Centering Entrance Bumpers
  • Keel Rests

We are exclusive authorized distributor of Wave Armor©

Call NOW (954) 444-0175