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Floating Docks

A floating dock is a platform that floats on water to allow for above water access and use.

Floating Dock Uses

The primary purpose of a floating dock is to use the top surface for anything that is needed be done on, or over, water.  In addition to using the top surface, or deck, boats and other floating objects can be fastened to the sides of floating docks providing access (boarding) or storage (dockage).  Floating docks can be used for recreation and relaxation, personal boat or PWC needs or for any number of commercial uses from marinas to work platforms.

Floating Dock Construction; Floatation and Buoyancy

Floating docks can be made with any material that either floats itself, or is supported by a material that floats.  The process of floating refers to buoyancy, which is where an object that is less dense than water will be “forced” to the top of the water as gravity pulls denser objects downward with greater force that less dense objects.

With sufficient buoyancy, a floating dock can be made with virtually any material including concrete, steel, aluminum, wood and plastic.  If the material being used is denser that the water it is meant to float on, a less dense material must be used to add necessary buoyancy.  The less dense material can be incorporated into the construction of the dense material such as concrete shells around foam cores or placed beneath a material such as aluminum resting on the top of plastic or foam filled modules.

Floating Docks by Wave Armor Florida

Wave Armor South Atlantic, Inc. offers modular floating docks made from UV protected polyethylene where each modular piece is foam filled for extra floatation (buoyancy) and protection.  Polyethylene is an extremely durable and long lasting material suitable for a life time of all types of marine usage.  The modular pieces allow for unlimited design choices.  They can range from very small docks of a few square feet where room is restricted or they can be sprawling hundreds of square feet providing enough room for virtually any marine need.

Wave Armor Floating Docks

Wave Armor Floating Docks are the ultimate in custom designed, and “built-to-last”, modular dock solutions for both residential and commercial docks.  They float, they last and they look great.  They can be easily moved or modified at any time.

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for an infinite number of layout possibilities.  Use the Wave Armor Dock Builder to build the floating dock of your dreams!

Wave Armor Floating Dock Features:

  • Rotationally Molded, UV Protected Polyethylene
  • 2-Piece Design (Top Deck and Foam Filled Bottom Float)
  • Flagstone Textured Deck Surface
  • Foam-Filled Bottom Float with Suctioning Pockets
  • Molded-in H-Beam Channels (all sides)
  • Molded-In Perimeter Attachment Slots (for adding Wave Dock Accessories)
  • 10 Year Warranty

We are exclusive authorized distributor of Wave Armor©

Call NOW (954) 444-0175